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Drag-queen Chrystal Conners aka Roy - interview by Artportrait

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Chrystal Connors








When I was in my twenties I was a Publicity photographer in The Netherlands and was asked to photograph the famous Vengaboys!

I did some cd-covers and some backstage photography of 'the making of...' videoclips.

Roy was one of the members.

The group consisted of two girls and two boys. A Tank girl, a Cowboy, a Sailor and a barbie girl. Roy was the cowboy.


A few months ago a friend was looking for a Drag performer for her fiftieth birthday and I highly recommended Roy.

I said literally, when Roy comes, I come too and I'll bring my camera!

So the afternoon before the party Roy and his Friend came while they slowly transformed into Dragqueens Chrystal Conners and Percy Gadoor.


This first interview is about Chrystal Conners and Roy. There will be a second interview with Percy.

Hey Ya'll, I'm a shapeshifter a geek a rebel a world traveler and an entertainer. Queen of Holland 👑.The world is my play ground. Welcome to my life!




When was the first time that Roy discovered Chrystal? Was that before or after the Vengaboys?

 What a lot of people don’t know is that, before I joined the Vengaboys, I was already was a Drag under the name of “Desire”.

When I stepped out of the group Vengaboys I realized I missed the stage life, so I began to think how I could fill up that gap, so I decided to go back to my base and that was the Club Scene.


What happens with you when you transform from Roy to Chrystal?

 Roy transforms slowly by putting up the make-up, into a fearless diva. I think everybody has a masculine and a feminine’s side, and mine are perfectly in balance with me being Roy and Chrystal


Dragqueens do have a specific appearance, are there any rules for that? Is there a thing that you really can NOT do , or does everybody has a bit of their own style?

 Yes everybody has their own style. It doesn't have to be your ’thing’. You can see it as art. Some people like it, some love to, and some don’t.

We already have enough rules in society, so NO rules in Drag!


In what is Chrystal different from other Drags?

 Chrystal is known for her shows and Lip-syncs. What you see is what you get.


What does it take in terms of time and money to make the transformation to Drag?

 I mainly design and create my own stuf, so maybe that makes it a little less expensive, but yes you have to invest! A lot sometimes!

I am always always busy thinking about drag, in my head the process never stops!


When I posted your photo on my Facebook there was a woman who asked where you learned how to do such a beautiful make-up?

 I learned from the girls of the industry, I look at lot in magazines and videoclips for inspiration, and last but not least: practise practise practise


Is a Drag always gay? Are there also straight Drags? 

 No a Drag is not Gay by rule, there are also straight Drag queens.


Are Drags easier accepted than transvestite or just Gays? Or doesn’t  it matter?

 I don't know, that’s a thing I don’t really focus on.


Did you ever do the groceries while still being ( partly) Drag? 

 Hahahaha yes I did!! So funny, we were booked and waiting to perform but so thirsty! So we hurried to a local supermarket and got us something to drink.

That's always a hilarious situation!


Cowboy-hat or Tiara?

 I cherish my cowboy hat but traded it for a tiara!


What question does Chrystal get the most often?

Wow where did you get those legs?!


You won the title MISS DRAG in 2018, great achievement! What could you do more by having this title?

  I promised to commit myself to the community, which I always do as Chrystal of course. And we offered a petition to House of Representatives, about stopping gay violence.


The Netherlands is known for being so open minded and free in their thinking, but can you tell me how thing are?

  Everybody thinks that Holland is so tolerant, but actually it’s not.

Compared to a few years ago the hate against gays the hatred has increased.


Nikki Tutorials received a threatening letter that forced her "coming out" as a transgender nearlier than she wanted.

Have you ever felt threatened because you are Drag? Or gay?

 No, I never felt threatened, but I think that is also my attitude.

I don't feel intimidated so quickly.

But look at me 1.90 m on heels.


Be carefull who you mess with !!! 

Nikki's tutorial comming out video


What would you like to say to gay haters? How do you think we can help this out of the world? I looked at the Netflex series "sexual education" and I have to say that they created a whole diversity of people. Relationship between two boys, a girl who finds out that she is "bi-sexual".

Do you think this type of series will help us to see it as "normal" instead of "different”?

  Gay haters or people who hate in general, are usually people who are afraid of something they don't know.

But I would say;  you delve into another persons life and you will see that not everyone is the same.

Someday you will meet someone (maybe even someone you love) in your area who may be gay, bi, transgender or otherwise.

But I also think that sometimes we continue to show things like this on TV.

It is good that it is shown on TV but it feels so forced sometimes.


How do you see yourself in 30 years? What are you doing, where are you?

  In 30 years I will be somewhere on an island and then think about what I have achieved in my life.

I left a legacy for the world to see


People from all over the world come to the Gay - Parade in Amsterdam. Can you be found there too? 

  I don't need to stand on a boat anymore because it's hard work and you can't finish that boat hahahahahah.

I usually stand on mainstage on Dam Square to show what we stand for.


If Chrystal could make a wish, what would it be? And would it be different from Roy's wish?

  No, I wish as Chrystal the same as Roy.

And that is respect for everything and everyone who is different and stop gay violence.













My facebook is Chrystal Conners 




And my Instagram account is Roy_conners


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"Les photos énigmatiques de Claudine Grin d’Artportrait sont intriguantes et ressemblent à des peintures d’anciens peintres Néerlandais.
Ce ne sera pas une coïncidence car Claudine est également Néerlandaise.
Les belles compositions, avec des couleurs sombres, permettent au spectateur de circuler dans l’apparence accrocheuse des modèles.
Un sentiment d’intimité et de nostalgie parle à travers son art."



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